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The most creative class in town for the youngest artists! Children will work in different mediums learning the basics of art, while completing a finished project each week. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver, whom we encourage to bring their creativity with them as well and fully participate in the fun.

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Our classes for ages 5 – 12 are what we have become known for. Children learn the basics of art in our warm, nurturing environment, where everyone is an artist. Children will learn to use the various mediums – paint, pencil, cray pas, watercolor, and more. Kids will also learn about collage, sculpture, plaster, printmaking and papier mache, while developing their drawing skills and learning to draw and paint from a still life or photograph.

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Our live and interactive online classes are structured as closely as can be to our in-studio sessions, providing fun, focused projects for kids small and large. We will provide guidance the whole way through each project. Adults may join as well. Kids will interact online through our Zoom Online Studio. At each session we will create new masterpieces – some based on famous artists and others that we’ll make up together!

We will complete one project during each online session for ages 4 – 6. Some of the age 7+ class projects might take two or more sessions. Since these will be mixed aged classes, the older children will be given options to take each project to a higher level.

Please be sure your child attends only an age-appropriate class as per our schedule. They will enjoy it more if it is on their level!

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Our 3-hour in-person holiday workshops take place from 9:00AM to 12:00pm and are for kids ages 4.5 and up.

During these sessions, we will focus on more involved projects than in our regular classes, as well as holiday-themed art projects that children will love. Kids will have a blast while learning about art and expanding their creativity.

From time to time we also offer special workshops concentrating on a specific project such as tie dying, batiking, puppet-making, plaster, papier mache, and mask-making.

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Each summer we have a variety of programs for children ages 2 and up!

Children ages 4.5 and up
For kids 4.5 and up, we offer 3-hour morning art workshops at Kids at Art as well as a full day option with morning art followed by afternoon sports camp with our friends at Kids in Sports just down the block. Children may attend any combination of individual days or full weeks.

Children ages 2 – 4
For our 2 – 4 year old artists, we offer 4-week sessions, one afternoon per week. A parent or caretaker must accompany kids ages 2 – 4.

In all our summer programs, each child gets individual attention to focus on age appropriate projects. Our groups are small and we have plenty of instructors on hand. Children who attend more than one day or week will always be given new projects to do — no repeats! For our full day art + sports camp, children will be picked up for lunch at noon from Kids at Art and spend the afternoon at Kids In Sports, a multi-sport program that exposes kids to all of the most popular team sports in the region.

For teens applying to college or advanced fine arts programs, we offer advanced art training, life drawing and help in whatever projects they need to do to complete their college applications.

All art projects are oriented towards building creativity and technical skills. Students who are working on their portfolios will gain knowledge in art techniques that they can continue to develop throughout the year. Many demonstrations will be given and an elaborate still life is set up for drawing and painting. Students are given constructive criticism and advice how to approach each project. Individual exploration and creativity are encouraged. While students may work at their own pace, they are advised to complete the projects. There are many approaches that range from observational to interpretive. Students will divide their time between drawing and painting in a variety of media. Subjects include still life, portrait and figure.

Always wanted to learn to draw and paint? This is for you. Any level you’re at, we will teach you the basics of art. If you have already studied art and want to work on a specific area, we will help you with your own on-going interest/projects. We will teach you the basics of drawing (line, shape, form, color, value, proportion, perspective, light, shadow, texture and composition). Instruction as well as critique will develop your skills. This class is for beginning to intermediate students who want to expand their drawing skills.

There will be a live model or still life each week.  Beginning with a simple contour, students will use line to discover a variety of shapes. Students will draw from life and learn to develop form and space with cross-hatching and shading, understanding what makes a strong composition. Work will be in black and white with charcoal and pencils, and in color with pastels. Informal individual and group critiques. Bring a large 18 x 24 inch rough newsprint pad, a soft cloth or chamois and soft willow charcoal to first class. A supply list will be available prior to the first class.

All models will be clothed for Mixed Age Life Drawing Classes.

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