What’s Your Creative Style?

Did you know that we each have a unique creative style, which influences many aspects of our personality including the art that we create?
large_alex's watercolor
Some of us use art to communicate ideas to the world. Others use art as a release of frustration or other heightened emotions.
Tomato Soup
Your creative could influence the job you’ll have later in life. For example, if you use art to communicate your feelings, you may have a knack for communication and marketing. If you use art as a way to let go, you may decide that you want to become a teacher or psychologist so you work with others on releasing through work or passion.
Take this quiz on Psychologies.co.uk to find our what your creative style is. Even if you aren’t sure you have a particular creative style, you will surely learn something new about yourself and how you use art– whether it is to express your feelings, learn more about yourself or to create beauty that makes others happy.
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