Summer Fun at Kids at Art

Summertime is approaching and our Summer 2014 art programs are going to be a blast! We have a variety of summer art programs suited for children of all ages.

lauren and olivia with pattern pics
For children ages 4.5+, we are offering both full and ½ day workshops. The sessions run from June 9th to August 29th. Your child may attend either by the day, ½ day, or by the week.

For children ages 2-4, we offer a workshop on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-4:45PM. You may choose any four-week period during the summer session (June 9th to August 29th) for your child to enroll in.

We will always have new projects so your child will never do the same project twice. From painting landscapes to crafting masks and decorating umbrellas, there’s always something new and fun to create.

For more information and to register for the best art classes for children in New York City, click here.

Which summer programs will your child be enlisting in this summer at Kids at Art? We can’t wait to see you for a summer of fun!

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