Saying Goodbye to Winter

Happy spring! While it still may be a little chilly outside, we’re excited to welcome the season of blooming flowers, sunny days, and chirping birds.

Here are some of the projects we’ve created this winter! We’re very proud of our hard work and looking forward to creating different types of projects during our spring break and spring sessions.

1. Snowscapes

Though snow isn’t always the most pleasant form of weather, you can’t deny that it is pretty beautiful on paper!

Kids at Art Snowscape

2. Olympic Sport Action Portraits

We were so inspired by the talent and ambition of the Olympians from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. We showed it in the best way we know– creating amazing works of art capturing the elements of the sport and weather.


3. Menurkey

In celebration of Thanksgiving and the first night of Hannukah falling on the same day, we created these festive turkey-inspired Menorahs so we could celebrate both holidays at once.


4. Holiday Windows

One thing we love about the holiday season in New York City is the festive window decorations. We decided we weren’t just going to leave it to the department stores and had a blast creating different works of art, including a Christmas tree, to celebrate the season.


5. Self Portraits

Like each and every one of us, every self portrait we create is unique. It might be influenced by our mood, the weather, our clothing, or what’s on our mind. We think a self portrait is the perfect way to express ourselves and capture a moment in time that we can always remember.


What was your favorite art project that you created this winter? What are you most looking forward to creating in the warmer temperatures of spring and summer? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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