Mid-Summer Session Fun at Kids at Art

Learn about some of the fun we've been having at summer session, here at Kids at Art!

We love summer session here at Kids at Art because we have a whole new agenda of fun and creative art projects lined up! Summer is coming to an end before we know it, but that doesn’t stop us from looking back and remembering all of the fun we’ve had!


Here are some of the highlights of this year’s summer session.


1. Handmade flowers and vases

photo (14)

2. “Frozen” inspired paintings


3. Plaster animals

photo (13)

4. Angry birds hats

photo 3

5. Painted masks


6. Origami swans


7. Animal drawings

photo (9)

8. Self portraits


9. Life-sized mermaids


10. Charcoal self-portraits


Which has been your favorite project of the summer? Show us on social media, by tagging @KidsatArtNYC!

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