Meet Murray!

If you’ve been to our studio before, you’ve surely heard about our beloved Murray, the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier! Murray is just as lovable as he looks, and we love having him as a part of the Kids at Art family. Here, we find out more about Murray and how he became a part of the squad!



Murray loves the snow!

Q: What is Murray’s favorite food?

A: Murray goes crazy for his Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food!


Q: When is Murray’s birthday?

A: Murray was born on November 12, 2015. He is a Scorpio in true form… a loyal pup!


Wendy Miller lives in Manhattan with her puppy, Murray

Wendy Miller lives in Manhattan with her puppy, Murray

Q: What are Murray’s favorite activities?

A: Murray loves playing with other dogs off-leash in Central Park. He also enjoys chasing squirrels, chewing on sticks and bones, sleeping, and (of course eating, eating, eating!


Q: What is the story of Murray’s adoption?

A: Murray was with his family (of 9 puppies!) at the breeder’s home in Long Island. Wendy had visited previously and he came over to her and wouldn’t stop giving her puppy kisses; she knew immediately he was the one she wanted to adopt. When Wendy and her mother picked him up to take him home, he started to cry as soon as they left the house. It was sad, but didn’t last long — he hasn’t cried since that day!


Q: Can Murray perform any cool tricks?

A: Murray can spin on his hind legs.


Q: What does Murray most love about New York City?

A: He loves everything and everybody. He’s super friendly and loves to play, walk around the park, and go to Petco and TD Bank for treats.