Let’s Get Sandy: 4 Inspirational Works of Beach Art

When you’re not here at Kids at Art this summer, the beach is the perfect spot to experiment with different tools and mediums!

Here are some of the coolest works of art that were created right on the beach.

1. Jim Denevan’s Large Scale Sand Drawings
Usually artists want to be remembered for their work and it is important to use mediums that allow the work to be preserved. With Jim Denevan’s work, this is not the case! He uses natural materials to create works of art in sand, soil, and other parts of the Earth. His work is meant to be washed away or eroded, but we were still able to find these beautiful photographs of our favorites.

2. Lucia Pec’s Valentines to the Ocean
Lucia Pec fell in love with the ocean during the winters she spent with her family in Portugal. She began creating art on the beach using pieces of garbage and random treasures that she found along the surface of the water. She recycles these bits to create a sort of “Valentine” to the ocean, representative of both peoples’ irresponsibility with litter, and her own powerful love to her favorite place on Earth.
3. NeSpoon’s Driftwood Doilies
NeSpoon is a Polish outdoor artist who gathers crocheted lace doilies and installs them on pieces of driftwood at Oak Beach on the Baltic Sea. The installations lasted a week at the beach. NeSpoon says he is inspired and appreciates how people of all ages, including children, enjoy his work and create their own pieces (including photographs, drawings, and even beach camps) based on his own.
4. KingSand’s Sand Sculptures
KingSand is a group of three sculptors who came together to create large-scale sand works. They have worked not only in the sand, but also in the water. ice, and snow. The sculptors have traveled the world to create special sculptures for events and competitions.
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