Let’s Explore the New York Art Scene: Paola Pivi at The Galerie Perrotin

Hidden in a beautiful brick building that was once a bank on Madison Avenue is Paola Pivi’s new art exhibition, entitled “Ok, you are better than me, so what?” A circus-like scene that could be mistaken for a Dr. Suess story is actually an art gallery that nests a group of neon colored, life-sized polar bears.

Italian artist Paola Pivi is known to take risks in her artwork, and the brightly colored bears in this scene are no different. In this exhibit, the bears are representative of children playing, showing their sense of playfulness and curiosity. The title brings up a familiar theme about friendly competition. Though we always try to be the best we can be, playtime isn’t about who is the fastest runner or the highest jumper. It’s about having fun and expressing ourselves.

With their radiant, brightly colored feathers and realistic poses, we can surely relate to the personality the polar bears express. Just like the bears’ energetic and playful demeanor, our silly sides are apparent through our body language, creativity, and, the art we create.

What do you think the bears’ body language means? Have you created a self portrait that shows your personality?

[photos from http://www.urdesign.it/ and http://www.perrotin.com/]

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