Let’s Explore: Rain Room at the Museum of Modern Art

Imagine a world where we didn’t have to worry if we forgot our umbrella or raincoat in the middle of a storm. If we were caught walking home from school or playing in the park, we wouldn’t fear the downpour because we would not get wet! This world became a reality, at the Rain Room exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, right here in New York City!

The artists, Stuart Wood, Florian Ortkrass, and Hannes Koch created a 1,000-square-foot-space of falling water because they wanted to give their audience an opportunity to experience control of the rain, something we could normally only dream about doing. Motion-sensing cameras enable the room to only generate falling water where a human is not detected. So in Rain Room, you need not bring your umbrella!

Photo from digitaltrends.com

Photo from digitaltrends.com

With Rain Room, Wood, Ortkrass, and Koch are portraying human beings’ roles in stabilizing and affecting our environment. With pollution, global warming, and the over-utilization of fossil fuels, we are contributing to the rapid depletion of our natural resources and damaging our environment. Rain Room stands for more than just the chance to play on a stimulated rainy day. It represents the importance we have in changing our environment and natural surroundings.


Photo from booooooom.com

Art can be found anywhere—on our streets, in museums, and on the walls of our school. It can have many different meanings too. We may be creating art to express our love for someone, to show how we feel about our favorite things, and even to portray strong messages about things that mean a lot to us. Rain Room is a portrayal of Wood, Ortkrass, and Koch’s feelings about our world. In a way, Rain Room represents a magical world where we can control the weather simply by paving our way through a room. And maybe, if we are more aware of our footprints in the world, we can slowly become more conscious of how we treat the environment and give it the love and respect it deserves.

Rain Room exhibit is now closed.

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