Goodbye, Summer!

We had so much fun this summer putting our creative muscles to work. While we are taking a week break to refresh and relax to prepare for some Autumn art fun, here are some highlight projects completed summer art programs!
1. Sculptures
Can you believe we made sculptures from good old ordinary orange juice containers? Neither could we! This just goes to show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This was definitely one of our favorite projects of the summer.
2. Life-Sized Self Portraits
One of the most exciting types of art is realism. We were able to translate this technique into a Kids at Art friendly project and create portraits that were the same size as us. We used mixed media to add texture and color. We learned so much!
3. Animal Drawings
This summer was one to try new things. Drawing animals can be intimidating at first, but we dove right in and gave it our all. We had so much fun using mixes of color in our palette to enhance the textures of the animal fur and skin. We did a fabulous job!
4. 1/2 Real 1/2 Drawing
Another fun activity we tried was using a half of a real image as a guide to completing the other side. We learned about symmetry, and this helped us to mirror the side that was shown with our own interpretation. The tiger below is one of our amazing works of art!
5. Pattern Pictures
Creating patterns was a fun way to experiment with color and shape. The awesome thing about patterns is we can really use our imaginations to produce our own colorful, vivid worlds! Here’s one of our favorite pattern pictures below.
As you can see, we really had a blast this summer. We tried new things, thought outside the box, and got to experiment with different mediums. We will miss you while we are off for a week, but can’t wait to see what the fall will bring at Kids at Art! Can’t wait either? Check out our fall schedule here and sign up!
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