Exploring the Digital Art Scene: Species in Pieces

Sometimes art can be an amazing way to make a difference. While planet Earth is plentiful in diverse species of animals, years of pollution, global warming and various other factors have sadly contributed to the decline of many species, which are now endangered.

Artist Bryan James created an interactive exhibit, Species in Pieces, that pays homage to thirty endangered species of animals. This beautiful exhibit not only introduces us to thirty species we may not have even known existed, but also shares information about what factors are threatening this species.
For example, the three-banded armadillo of Brazil has declined by 30% in the last 10 years due in part to loss of habitat.
Knowledge is power and learning about these endangered species can help spread the word and allow humans to be more conscious of how their actions may impact animals’ lives.
Learn more about endangered species and how you can help by checking out Bryan James’ interactive exhibit here.
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