A Day in the Life of a Kid at Art

It’s summer time, and you know what that means. Sunshine, a break from school, and more time to have fun! What’s better than crafting, creating, and musical theater all day long?



Leaving mom in the morning can be hard, but as soon as I arrive, I get my creative juices flowing and I’m ready to begin!  Wendy starts the day by letting us draw whatever we want. One day it’s a portrait of my family, the next it’s a giant sea monster, a beautiful bouquet of flowers for mom, or the dog I’m hoping and wishing my dad will finally give in to buying. There are no limits—Wendy encourages us to draw whatever we want and express our wildest dreams.



While I love free-drawing, the next part of the day is really my favorite. Wendy has a special project for us each and every day. One day we made puppets that can dance and do whatever we please. Another day I made a mask, which I can’t wait to wear on Halloween this year and win the Best Costume award at school!



Next comes snack time, and boy do I need it. Got to have that fuel so I can keep up the good work! I eat my snack quickly so I can get the special project—I want it to come out just perfectly.



It’s hard to put down my pencil or paintbrush, but the folks from TADA! make it easy to continue the fun with musical theater. We’re working on our very own production and you know who’s one of the stars? ME! At the end of the program, mom and dad and my little brother are going to come and watch us perform, just for them! I can hardly wait.



Kids at Art is my favorite place to be, and I am so lucky to be able to come back each and every day, all summer long. We’re always creating and learning new things, and I love to show off my new skills and share them with my friends and little brother.

Want to learn more about the fabulously fun summer workshops we offer? Contact Wendy at 212-410-9780 or check out our website. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, or check out our Yelp page to read what great things others are saying about Kids at Art.

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