A Trip to the New York Aquarium

It’s back to school season which means field trips are in our future! One of our favorite field trip destinations? The New York Aquarium. Here’s why.

The New York Aquarium, located on the Riegelmann Boardwalk in Coney Island since 1957, is a favorite destination for many. The park features many attractions, including a a Conservation Hall, two theaters, and a hall dedicated to the infamous elasmobranch fish of the sea… sharks!

The Conservation Hall is most notable for Glover’s Reef Display, a reef featuring a wide variety of colorful marine life including Cownose Rays and Green Moray Eels. In addition to the hall, the New York Aquarium has a team dedicated to marine life conservation all over the world! Its team of over 4,000 work in nearly 60 countries to save wildlife, including some of the planet’s most threatened rays, sharks, marine mammals, turtles and more. They also developed the first national marine sanctuary in the mid-Atlantic, and restore threatened species and habitats throughout the New York area. You can learn more about their efforts here.

After you visit the Conservation Hall, you should check out the Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibit. With over 115 marine species including 18 different kinds of sharks and rays, this exhibit is truly unforgettable. Watch sharks in the flesh through the surrounding tanks, and learn more about how they breathe, move, and live in an interactive display. This exhibit is open year round.

Finally, head outdoors to check out the Aquatheater to see sea lions demonstrate the bonds with their trainers; you can also watch a variety of ocean species, including California Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Black-Footed Penguins and more, at the Sea Cliffs located right next to the theater. Both of these areas are open year-round (weather permitting) and will complete your trip with the chance to see a variety of sealife up close!

We look forward to many more field trips to come this school year!

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