A Day in the Life of a Birthday Kid at Art

Need some great birthday party ideas? Kids at Art has you covered! Not only is it the source for awesome classes in adult and kids art projects, but it is also one of the most creative party places in the Upper East Side!
I am on my way to the studio right now for my 5th birthday bonanza at Kids at Art. I am so excited– this is going to be the best birthday yet. Twelve of my best friends from school, camp, and art classes are coming. We are going to have so much fun.
When we get there, Wendy and her helpers will have set up our art projects so we can get working! I got to choose from loads of different projects including frames, t-shirts, umbrellas, and hats. All of my friends will come, and then we get to design our very own hats!
art birthday party for children upper east side
After we are done with our projects, there will be music for dancing and karaoke! There’s even a DJ who will be taking song requests, and my friends and I will take turns singing with the microphone and choosing our sings to dance to.
karaoke birthday party for children upper east side
After we sing and dance, its time to eat delicious pizza! We’ll all grab a seat at the table and wait for our food. Mommy and daddy get to eat too!
birthday hats at kids at art in new york city
Finally, its time for cake. The lights will go out and we’ll see the candles glowing. Then, everyone sings “Happy Birthday,” and its time to make a wish. I’ll close my eyes and imagine the best wish I can think of. Then, I’ll blow out the candles and we all get to dig in!
art birthday party cake
This is going to be the best birthday ever, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Also, my mom got a 10% discount since I am also taking a fall art class at Kids at Art too. To get yours, just ask Wendy when you are booking a birthday party.
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