6 of the Coolest College Art Classes We’ve Seen

College is an exciting time, and with the freedom of increasingly unique major programs, it’s not so odd to find a course offered specifically for students to learn about the “Economics of Love.”
This course isn’t the only unique one offered at universities. Here are some of the coolest, most interesting college art courses we’ve seen being offered at universities in the US.
1. Zombie Films
The University of California-Berkeley offers a class specifically on Zombie films! Students will have the opportunity to take on assignments including reading zombie literature and comics, and learning where and why zombies have a prevalence in modern media.
2. The Art of Walking
At Centre College in Kentucky, students learn about walking, which is seen as a lost form of transportation behind planes, trains, and automobiles. They’ll learn about how people rely on walking in different ways in various countries, and its relation to art around them.
3. Tattoos
We see ’em all the time, but how have they evolved in American culture? This course, offered at Pitzer College in California, gives students the opportunity to understand tattoos in popular culture and how people use them to express themselves.
4. Circus Arts
At Triton College in Illinois, a course on circus arts is offered! Students can learn the tricks of the trade, from juggling to clowning and everything in between.
5. Furniture Making

MIT offers a class in which students can build furniture, including woodworking techniques for coffee tables and chairs galore.
6. Underwater Basket Weaving
Yes, seriously. At Reed College, a “Paideia” course is offered, which includes the option of basket weaving! Paideia is a Greek word that means the encouragement of exploratory studies. Students can enroll in this course and spend a week learning whatever it is they have on their bucket list. Sounds fun to us!
What crazy courses have you seen? What crazy courses would you WANT to see? Tweet at us and let us know!
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