5 Memorable Movie Winters

The holiday season has us wishing for snow! Despite the strange weather we’ve been having in New York lately, we’ve been inspired by snowfall in the studio, where we’ve been creating some beautiful paintings replicating winter scenes.
There’s truly nothing quite like a coating of white powdery snow. Here are 5 of our favorite movies featuring winter scenes that we love to transported to during the season.
1. The Chronicles of Narnia
Based in the fantasy land of Narnia, this movie features some particularly breathtaking scenes of snowfall, a regal lion, and of course, the Snow Queen. If you have already seen the movie and are craving more of the chilly adventurous days, stay tuned and catch Netflix’s Chronicles of Narnia series, which is in the works right now.

2. Frozen
If you’ve been to an Art and Karaoke birthday party at Kids at Art, you’ll know we’re big fans of the adventures and musical talent of Elsa. As the cherry on top, Frozen features some amazing wintery animation; it’s a movie we could watch again and again every winter season!

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3. Cool Runnings
If you’re looking for a few laughs while you get your snow scene fix, Cool Runnings is the flick to watch. This movie covers the Jamaican bobsleigh team’s debut into the Winter Olympics. Laughs and sports with a side of snow!
4. Home Alone
Kevin’s parents forgot him, but we didn’t forget his adventures of being home alone during Christmas time and tricking the Sticky Bandits. From Christmas light covered houses to an abundance of snowfall, Home Alone features some of our favorite wintery scenery in a movie.
5. Fargo
We feel cold just watching Fargo. But you can’t argue with several feet of snow as a landscape to a movie turned TV series. Fargo, North Dakota is known for its cold and wet winters, but we don’t mind admiring the beauty of the town from the comfort of our warm couches.

Are you ready for the snow? Share your favorite snow scenes with us by tagging us on Instagram! Happy holidays from Kids at Art!
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