5 Mediums You Should Try This Weekend

Oil pastels, charcoal and acrylic are classics, and always will be… but have you ever wanted to experiment with a unique tool to create art? We certainly have, and we think you should too!
Here are four new mediums that we’re excited to try out, and where you can get your hands on them so we can share the fun.
1. Chameleon Primary Tones
These markers can change color, depending on the tone you desire! You can watch a video below, and purchase them here.
2. Gelly Rolls
Though they’ve been around for thirty years, we still love the first stroke of a Gelly Roll on a unique colored paper. They’re perfect for making your own stationery, calendars or charts!
3. Embossing Powder
At first glance, this powder might seem difficult to use. But once you watch a quick tutorial, you’ll fall in love! This medium is perfect for crafting cards for a special occasion or a beautiful hand-made sign to hang in your room.
Photo via PluckingDaisies
4. Fabric
Here’s one tool that you probably won’t have to buy! Scraps of fabric from clothing and towels are perfect to use to create beautiful collages, like the one below.
Will you be experimenting with any new crafting materials or mediums this weekend? Take a photo and share with us on Instagram!