4 Ways to Make Your Back-to-School Routine Easier

It’s not just you – getting back to into the swing of the school routine is not easy! It’s common to have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, feel sleepy in the afternoon, and not want to get your homework done each night.
Here are some of our favorite ways to get back into the routine more smoothly, so you’ll enjoy the daily grind a little more.
1. Sun Salutation
Greet the sun! Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than normal and do a short yoga sequence. Putting aside some time in your morning to do yoga is proven to have wonderful health effects including boosting energy and alertness throughout the day.
2. Make Your Lunch
Help mom pack a healthy lunch to start your day off with the right bite. A balanced meal with fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains will help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day, and make your morning more productive. Add some fun in the morning by trying a new recipe each week!
3. Create a Checklist
Feel like you’re forgetting things? Between your lunch and snacks, homework, gym clothes and other daily necessities, it’s easy to miss something. Create a checklist, where you can mark off each item in the morning before you leave to make sure everything is accounted for. Here’s one that’s already created and ready for you to print!
4. End the Day Creatively
Just because you’ve had a busy day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t end it with some fun! Take a break before you wind down, and create something beautiful. Don’t know what to make? Join us for an art class, and we’ll have a new project ready for you every week, so you can end your day stress-free!
What are your favorite part of your back-to-school routine? Share with us on Twitter!
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