4 Reasons You Should Host Your Next Team Building Activity at Kids At Art

Planning an outing for your coworkers or friends? Here are four reasons why Kids at Art should be top of mind for a team building art workshop!


1. Fuel the creative fire!
What better way to connect with acquaintances, new or old, than with a creative activity? Learn about their strengths and what inspires them by creating art together.

2. You can’t mess up!
At Kids at Art, every piece created is an original. Even flaws are beautiful and everyone contributes something unique.


3. You’ll have a souvenir!
After the art workshop, you’ll have a piece of art to take back to the office or workplace to display for all to see. What’s better than that?

4. You’ll connect in a unique setting!
With a relaxed vibe on the Upper East Side, Kids at Art takes you away from the craziness of the work day and into a creative universe where your team mates are the artists.


Want to learn more about our team building art workshops? Contact us via email or phone (646-832-4886)!
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