4 Reasons We Love Spring Break Art Workshops

Spring break doesn’t just mean that we’ve almost reached summertime. It also means you have extra free time to dive into a great book, have a playdate, OR, our personal favorite, take an art class! Here are four reasons we LOVE taking an art workshop during spring break. Remember, our spring break art workshops run for two full weeks, from March 18-29.

1. Playing with Color!

Approaching spring means we get to play with lots of bright and fun colors in our art! Over the winter we’ve been inspired by snowfall and holidays, but now we get to change gears and break out the bright pink, green, and blue markers and pencils.

2. A full day (or week!) of special projects
If you’ve attended one of our art workshops before, you know this give a great opportunity to work on a unique project. Past projects from spring art workshops include tropical landscape collages, zoo animal inspired paper mâché, and beautiful bright butterflies!

3. The days are up to you!
Our flexible schedule gives you the chance to take a class every day, every other day, or go all out and take one every day for two weeks! Say buh-bye to boring breaks from school. Your days will be action packed and you’ll come home with a great different project every day.

4. “Souvenirs”

Even your friends who jetted off to sunny holidays will be envious of the beautiful art you’ll get to create and bring home. Make something for your family or friends, or hang a few things on your wall at home. The more classes you take, the more beautiful artwork you’ll come home with.

Spring break is right around the corner but its not too late to reserve your spot. Sign up today here!