4 Reasons to Give a Handmade Gift This Holiday Season

Does the thought of crowded department stores and lines out the door make you want to take cover in the safety of your own apartment? We understand, so we’re here to help!
This year, skip the long lines and expensive trendy gifts and craft your own presents with ideas that come from the heart. Here are 4 reasons why you should make your own holiday gifts this year.
1. You can save a lot of money!
Pay bills, save money. There’s been a trend every year in our new  years’ resolutions. Why not get started now? Crafting your own gifts is a great way to spend less on a more meaningful present. Whether you’re knitting wool scarves or making fudge, there are plenty of homemade gifts that will please both your loved ones and your wallet.
2. Less temptation.
Have you ever been out shopping for gifts for your friends and family and ended up leaving the store with a few items for yourself as well? It’s something we’re all guilty of. When you’re putting in hard work and care into creating your own holiday gifts, there’s less temptation to keep them for yourself!
3. It’s easier to be original. 
It’s not a great feeling when you’re exchanging gifts at a party and you’ve seen the same sweater unboxed 8 times! When your gift is coming from your own imagination and heart, chances are it is not only irreplaceable but also completely unique!
There’s no doubt about it — holiday shopping is STRESSFUL! List-making, bookmarking, shipping costs…and let’s not forget about those terrible lines that wrap around the entire store. On your next free Saturday afternoon, try putting on some calming holiday tunes, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and crafting at your kitchen table. We promise you’ll be smiling and avoiding the headache that an afternoon on 5th Avenue provides all season long.
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