4 Artists You Didn’t Know Were From New York

At Kids at Art, we’re always welcoming new artists into our studio! Many artists were yielded right here in New York; some you would never imagine mastered their craft in the city that never sleeps– but some, we think you won’t be surprised! Let these artists be an inspiration to you as you master your own craft.
1. Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein, an American artist known for his contributions to the Pop Art Movement, settled down in New York to launch his tongue-in-cheek advertising imitations — a pinnacle in the artistic expression of modern pop culture. He recreated the look of small dots used in Bazooka Joe bubble gum comics to create texture and color in his works. You can view Lichtenstein’s works and learn more about him here.
2. Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell is an artist who gained fame from his painted covers of the Saturday Evening Post. He was born in New York City and dreamed of being an artist since they age of 14. Norman painted over 300 covers in his lifetime and was passionate about painting America. You can read more about Rockwell’s life here.
3. Edward Hopper
Edward Hopper was born in New York and his realist paintings represent aspects of major cities including New York City and Paris — where he also resided later in his life. Hopper is well known for his painting “Nighthawks,” featuring four customers and a waiter in a brightly lit diner. One can’t help but be reminded of a quiet evening downtown! You can read more about Edward Hopper here.
4. Jeff Koons
While Koons was born in Chicago, he moved to New York in his twenties and even had a Wall Street career before he started to fabricate his own pieces in the early 1980’s. Now, Koons is known for his metallic and colorful balloon animal sculptures, among many other iconic pieces. He is truly a unique artist of our time, bred right here in NYC! Read more about Jeff Koons here!