10 Uniquely Pinnable Pumpkins

Pinterest has become a daily visit for us as boards fill up with clever fall craft ideas. Amongst the leaf collages, harvest still-lifes and more, pumpkin crafts are our absolute favorite.
Here are 10 of our favorite unique pumpkin crafts on Pinterest right now!
1. Melted Crayon Pumpkin
This one requires a blowdryer (so be careful!) but is so simple to make. We love the idea of mixing different ombre shades or using sparkley crayons, too!

2. Baseball Pumpkin
Sports fan? Craft this original pumpkin with a stitching that looks so real, you’ll want to grab a bat and score a home run!
3. Succulent-Filled Pumpkin
It doesn’t get more natural than this. Need some extra O2 in your life? Empty out a pumpkin, fill it with soil and plant a few succulents in there.
4. Get a Little Spooky
These pumpkins will serve as a greeting committee to guests and trick-or-treaters! Experiment with varieties of googly eyes and interesting stems for arms and legs.

5. Classy and Chic
Who says pumpkins can’t be stylish? Steal some inspiration and use colors that complement your own personal style. Finish it off with a “BOO!” or “EEK!”

6. These Pumpkins are HOT!
Carve your pumpkin with sleek flame designs that will make your pumpkin glow and stand out from the rest!
7. All the Pretty Flowers
Grab a paintbrush and paint a beautiful fall flower scene, complete with acorns and maybe some changing colorful leaves.
8. Minimal Pumpkin
If you want your pumpkin to match your minimalist vibe in your home, this design is for you.
9. Captain Underpants
If you couldn’t decide between two pumpkins and ended up purchasing both… and if you LOVE this hilarious fictitious character, you’ll get a kick out of this guy.
10. Scare the Trick-Or-Treaters
This pumpkin with a face is WAY too realistic looking… but if you want to scare your visitors, it’s perfect.
How will you be carving your pumpkins this year? Share the pictures with us by Tweeting them at us!