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  • 4 Reasons To Take an Art Class

    Besides all of the fun we have here at Kids at Art, there are plenty of ways art can improve our skills. Here are 4 reasons your child should take an art class! 1. Art encourages creative problem solving. There are no right answers in art, which gives us a chance to analyze problems and come […]

  • Summer Session at Kids at Art

    Why should the fun have to end when the school year is over? Here at Kids at Art summer session we’ve been having tons of fun with a variety of new and summery art projects. Check out what we’ve been working on! Angry Birds Hats    4th of July Window Display Plaster Animals Glass Flower […]

  • painting with an easel

    Let’s Get Sandy: 4 Inspirational Works of Beach Art

    When you’re not here at Kids at Art this summer, the beach is the perfect spot to experiment with different tools and mediums! Here are some of the coolest works of art that were created right on the beach. 1. Jim Denevan’s Large Scale Sand Drawings Usually artists want to be remembered for their work […]

  • Summer Fun at Kids at Art

    Summertime is approaching and our Summer 2014 art programs are going to be a blast! We have a variety of summer art programs suited for children of all ages. For children ages 4.5+, we are offering both full and ½ day workshops. The sessions run from June 9th to August 29th. Your child may attend […]

  • 5 Art Museums You Must Visit in NYC

    Inspiration can be found anywhere in the streets of New York City. But what is a better way to be inspired to create art than to check out what masterpieces have been created by other artists? We did research to discover the coolest art museums in New York City. Here’s a list of art museums […]

  • The Origination of the Self Portrait

    Did you know that the self portrait is one of the earliest forms of art that contained a person as the focus? In the Early Renaissance in the mid-15th century, artists first began identifying themselves as the main focus of a piece of art. In the year 1433, Jan van Eyck painted what is now […]

  • Saying Goodbye to Winter

    Happy spring! While it still may be a little chilly outside, we’re excited to welcome the season of blooming flowers, sunny days, and chirping birds. Here are some of the projects we’ve created this winter! We’re very proud of our hard work and looking forward to creating different types of projects during our spring break […]

  • Spring Has Almost Sprung! 5 Fun Things to Do in NYC in the Spring

    Though it’s hard to believe when we step outside or look at the snow lining the sidewalks, spring is right around the corner. As soon as the temperature hits about 65, NYC transforms completely and everyone can’t wait to get outside and into Central Park. Here are 5 things we are most looking forward to […]

  • Kids at Art Celebrates the Olympics During Winter Break Session

    The winter olympics gives us a great opportunity to explore using different materials and mediums here at Kids at Art. We took advantage of the chance to create amazing art inspired by different winter sports and athletes. From figure skating to ice hockey and alpine skiing, the winter sports are not only challenging and fun […]

  • Beautifully Snowy New York City

    When snow falls from the sky and covers the island of Manhattan, there is a magical feeling all around. From the snow-filled trees to the covered statues, the beauty is apparent wherever you walk. Since our other senses may not appreciate the snow scenes as much as our eyes, we’ve photographed and collected a few […]