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  • polar bear art

    Exploring the Digital Art Scene: Species in Pieces

    Sometimes art can be an amazing way to make a difference. While planet Earth is plentiful in diverse species of animals, years of pollution, global warming and various other factors have sadly contributed to the decline of many species, which are now endangered. Artist Bryan James created an interactive exhibit, Species in Pieces, that pays […]

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

    March 20 is the first day of spring and we’ve gathered a list of the best ways to celebrate! From art fairs to flower shows, these activities are perfect for welcoming the days of warmer weather and sunny skies. 1. Sign up for our spring break workshops! From puppet making to paper mache, we’re offering […]

  • A Pretty Sweet Birthday Party

    We recently celebrated Emerson’s 8th birthday party at Kids at Art with a fun afternoon of painting, pizza and a particularly special cake. Each attendee was given a blank canvas and inspiration photos of some delicious desserts. The guests could use whatever colors they wanted to depict their favorite sweet treat. They worked really hard […]

  • Snowflake Photography

    Did you know that every single snowflake is unique? What might seem like just tiny drops of frozen water is actually something very beautiful. By using professional cameras to take macrophotography and a unique process using a homemade rig Alexey Kljatov has been able to capture and share the pure beauty of snowflakes that we’d […]

  • 4 Activities to Help You Forget About the Nasty Weather!

    The weather is getting pretty frightening outside, so we’ve got a list of the perfect distractions. After you sign up for one of our winter/spring art classes, get involved in one of the below activities for some wintery fun! 1. Visit the Origami Tree The tree at the American Museum of Natural History (79th Street […]

  • Kids at Art Storefront

    Let’s Explore the NYC Art Scene: 2014 Holiday Windows

    It’s our favorite time of year in New York City! The snow has yet to hit the ground but everywhere you look there are dazzling decorations, jolly spirits and lots of fun to be had. We absolutely love the holiday windows in storefronts each year. Here are some we would highly recommend checking out this […]

  • Kids at Art Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

    Whether you’re going trick-or-treating or dressing up for a costume party, nobody can argue that Halloween isn’t one of the best days of the year! Here at Kids at Art, we’ve started preparing early during the past couple of weeks by creating some Halloween-inspired crafts, haunted houses and other crafts. Below are some of our […]

  • Come to Kid Row on October 19th!

    Come visit Kids at Art at Kid Row this Saturday, October 19th from 2-5PM! There will be face painting, glitter tattoos, karaoke, and more!

  • Kids creating self portraits at Kids at Art

    Art is for Sharing!

    We create art for many¬†reasons– as a form of expression, to convey a message, and also to share with a wide community! Social media is a great tool to use to share our art in a way that it can reach many people it wouldn’t normally reach.   We want you to share your favorite […]

  • The History of Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor is a distinguished medium that we love using here at Kids at Art. The blend of color and water creates a beautiful stroke that complements a painting of a sky, ocean, animal, or landscape. But watercolors were not always boxed up in the palettes we use today! Watercolors were used in many different cultures, […]

  • 3 Must-See Exhibits In New York City

    This season brings a ton of fun to the art world in New York City! Here’s our list of 3 exhibits we’ll definitely be checking out in New York this month. 1. Jeff Koons: A Retrospective The Whitney Museum Ends October 19th, 2014 Jeff Koons is considered one of the most important and influential artists […]

  • Mid-Summer Session Fun at Kids at Art

    We love summer session here at Kids at Art because we have a whole new agenda of fun and creative art projects lined up! Summer is coming to an end before we know it, but that doesn’t stop us from looking back and remembering all of the fun we’ve had!   Here are some of […]