Winter/Spring 2018 Art Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults!

17-Weeks: January 28 - June 8

Winter/Spring Art Classes

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  • We are excited to be offering a varied arts program, including our new Art & Music classes, fashion design & sewing classes, plus teen and adult art classes!

    17-Weeks: January 28th – June 8th

    In our children’s art classes, we’ll explore the basics of art in our warm, nurturing environment, where everyone is an artist! Children will learn to use various mediums – paint, pencil, cray pas, watercolor, and more. We’ll also learn about collage, printmaking, sculpture, plaster, and papier mache. Our kids will develop their drawing skills and learn to draw and paint from still life or a photograph.

    Teens can focus on building creativity and technical skills with our advanced art training, while beginner and intermediate level adults will learn about the basics of drawing and painting. Instruction as well as critique will help develop your skills.

    At Kids at Art, we’ve got art classes for everyone!

    Classes are also available on a 1x basis for $50/class if space is available. Get in touch for details.

    Please note – Regular classes will not be held on the following holidays:
    • Presidents Day: February 19 – 20
    • Spring Break: March 25 – April 8
    • Memorial Day Weekend: May 25 – 28

Missed our start date? No problem! Just get in touch and we’ll prorate our class fees.


Day Time Class Ages Length Register
Mondays 10:30 AM Children’s Art* 2 – 4 Years* 45 min $705
3:00 PM Children’s Art 5+ Years 1 hour $705
4:20 PM Children’s Art 6+ Years 1 hour $705
Tuesdays 10:00 AM NEW!! Art & Music 2 – 4 Years* 1.5 hours $975
3:00 PM Children’s Art 3 – 5 Years 45 min $705
4:00 PM Fashion Design & Sewing 6+ Years 1.5 hours Register at
Wednesdays 10:30 AM Children’s Art* 2 – 4 Years* 45 min $750
3:15 PM Children’s Art 4 – 6 Years 1 hour $750
4:20 PM Children’s Art 7+ Years 1 hour $750
Thursdays 11:30 AM Children’s Art* 2 – 4 Years* 45 min $750
3:00 PM Children’s Art* 2 – 4 Years* 45 min $750
3:50 PM Children’s Art 5+ Years 1 hour $750
5:00 PM Teen Art 11+ years 1 hour $750
Fridays 10:30 AM Adult Art Adults 2 hours $705
1:30 PM Children’s Art 4 – 5 Years 1 hour $705
3:00 PM Children’s Art* 2 – 4 Years* 45 min $705
3:50 PM Children’s Art 5+ Years 1 hour $705
Saturdays 12:30 PM and on Birthday Parties**
Sundays All day Birthday Parties**

* Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver for 2 – 4 year old classes.
** Birthday parties are also available at certain times when there is not a class in session—Just ask!

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Class Descriptions

  • Classes for Ages 2 - 4
    The most creative class in town for the youngest artists! Children will work in different mediums learning the basics of art, while completing a finished project each week. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver, whom we encourage to bring their creativity with them as well and fully participate in the fun.

    Classes for Ages 5 and up
    Our classes for ages 5-12 are what we have become known for. Children learn the basics of art in our warm, nurturing environment, where everyone is an artist. Children will learn to use the various mediums – paint, pencil, cray pas, watercolor, and more. Kids will also learn about collage, sculpture, plaster, printmaking and papier mache, while developing their drawing skills and learning to draw and paint from a still life or photograph.

    Teen Portfolio Classes
    For Teens applying to college or advanced fine arts programs, we offer advanced art training, life drawing and help in whatever projects they need to do to complete their college applications.

    All art projects are oriented towards building creativity and technical skills. Students who are working on their portfolios will gain knowledge in art techniques that they can continue to develop throughout the year.  Many demonstrations will be given and an elaborate still life is set up for drawing and painting. Students are given constructive criticism and advice how to approach each project.  Individual exploration and creativity are encouraged. While students may work at their own pace, they are advised to complete the projects.  There are many approaches that range from observational to interpretive.  Students will divide their time between drawing and painting in a variety of media.  Subjects include still life, portrait and figure.

    Adult Studio Art Classes
    For adults of all levels – use our studio and supplies and our expert advice, guidance and critique. (canvas not included)

    Art & Music Classes
    Our new Art & Music class is 1.5 hours of the most creative and fun art projects everyone expects at Kids at Art accompanied by great tunes by the latest addition to our team, Matthew Marlinski, an early childhood development teacher and entertainer. Using his 15 years of musical background in hopes to inspire the next generation, Matthew is a kid at heart and strives to make his classes fun for all ages! Be ready to move your bodies when in one of his classes! Matthew also uses room dynamics to have quieter moments teaching early music theory, reading stories, and exploring musical instruments. His goal is to instill a love for music and art into the children at their early ages and to provide a great foundation for their creative energy as they continue to grow.

  • Adult Life Drawing Classes
    There will be a live model or still life each week.  These classes are non-instructional. There will be a class monitor and informal critiques.  Artists need to bring their own preferred choice of medium, as well as sketch pad.

    Mixed Age Life Drawing Classes
    There will be a live model or still life each week.  Beginning with a simple contour, students will use line to discover a variety of shapes. Students will draw from life and learn to develop form and space with cross-hatching and shading, understanding what makes a strong composition. Work will be in black and white with charcoal and pencils, and in color with pastels. Informal individual and group critiques. Bring a large 18 x 24 inch rough newsprint pad, a soft cloth or chamois and soft willow charcoal to first class. A supply list will be available prior to the first class.

    All models will be clothed for Mixed Age Life Drawing Classes

    Fashion Design & Sewing Classes
    Your own little Fashionistas (ages 6 and up) can star in their very own Project Runway!  Children will create their own fashions as well as learn to use sewing machines.  We’re so excited to bring sewing and fashion into our studio. Classes will be taught by “The Fashion Class”. (

    Holiday, Summer and Special Workshops
    During holidays and the summer, we offer week-long half-day workshops for children ages 4 1/2 and up. During this period, we will focus on special projects such as mask-making, puppet-making, clay building & and papier mache.

    From time to time we also offer special workshops concentrating on a specific project, i.e, tie dying, batiking, puppet-making, plaster, etc.  Watch for these!